Do I really need a car?

Sell my Car

The traffic on the roads nowadays makes me feel like I should sell my car. The roads have been turned into a parking space because of the number of hours spent tied up in traffic jam. I should sell my car because I cannot afford to be tied down in a car while I could be doing something useful with my time.My colleagues keep tell me to sell my car as I never use it.

If I took public transport I would be sure that if it got caught up in traffic I could get out and find alternative means. If I was near my destination then I would proceed on foot, if I had a book, catch up on my reading and if I was sleepy then I could doze off. All this possibilities are open to me on public transport. But then why would I need a car under such circumstances, why not just sell my car?

Sell my Car

The car does come in handy when I have to work late because by then the public transport has thinned out or has stopped working. It comes in handy when I am going away to places which have long distances from bus stops. It is especially handy if you have to go places with either the elderly or very young for whom walking distances is not good. I guess if I had many such errands it would not even occur to me to sell my car.

Perhaps also instead of having to sell my car, I could rent it out on the days when I am not using it and then I could have it when I need it. That way I could have my cake, eat it and make money from it. At worst I could park it in the garage, run the engine once a week to make sure it is in good shape to run should there be an emergency or should I merely be lazy to go the shop. These are all possibilities I could explore and they would help me not sell my car.

Because, unless the car is a junk or a troublesome machine-even then-one gets attached to it. I am attached to mine and that is why I know the decision to sell it would have to be very practical, keep sentiment away. Sentiment would want me to keep the car even when it does not make sense.

Sell my Car

Rain and cold weather are the other reason I would not want to sell my car. Public transport can be very trying during the rainy or cold season as there are no heaters and some other passengers may for one reason or another insist on having the windows open all the way. So, for the sake of those times when I need comfort in form of heat, I would not sell my car.

I would not sell my car because I give my neighbours a ride in exchange for some money for petrol every week. This means that my vehicle is not helpful only to me but to the community.

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