Guide to Sell My Car

I have been driving the same car for over a year now and my friends now refer to me by my car’s model. Although I love it so much, I have to say goodbye to it so I can get a different model with better advantages. In order to sell my car I need to understand how to go about it to avoid spending more time with it. I need to put it up in the market as soon as possible and from the advice I get from most of my friends, here is what I have to do in order to sell my car quickly and for the best price.

First, I need to make a decision on where I want to sell the vehicle. According to my advisers, there are various options. I could sell it on the print media, which is, making use of newspapers or car magazines. Similarly, I could sell it on the high street where I park it in a lot used exclusively for the display of vehicles on sale. The third option involves making use of the internet where I can place my advertisement about my car on websites dealing in sale of cars. All these channels would focus on creating awareness about the availability of my car for sale and would surely expediate matters to sell my car quickly.

In order to decide which of the above channels is best, I need to establish my target audience. In this case, the target audience would be the age group that is usually associated with my car model. Once I have established the age group, then I can settle on the selling channel to reach to this age group. If my car were for the young people then the internet would be ideal because young people flock the internet to make use of the social networking.  The newspapers would target a different age group and so would the bazaars. In addition, you need to establish whether to advertise depending on the weather conditions.  It would be difficult to sell a sports car in winter even though you have targeted the right age group that makes use of them.

The next step will involve formulating the advertisement. The advertisement should bear the price, age and mileage of the car. The present condition of the vehicle is also required.  In order to come up with the price I will compare the prices of the available like models on various platforms so that I can come up with a price that is not too expensive for my potential clients. I should also ensure that the price is negotiable. The age of my car should be truthful because the clients may request for a professional inspection to which I cannot decline in order to close the sale. Similarly, the mileage should be truthful while bearing in mind that a vehicle with a higher mileage could call for a cheaper price. A higher mileage spells the need for proper and expensive maintenance. The condition of a vehicle also dictates the price of the vehicle where a poor condition calls for a lower price.

The things to keep in my mind when I want to sell my car include where I want to sell it, to whom and what is it that am selling to them in terms of price and condition.

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