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How Celebrity Endorsements Helped Sell My Car

Celebrity Sell My Car Endorsements

I have always wondered who it is that sat and thought; the best way to sell my car is to hand over one to a familiar face and wow it is a beeline at my dealership. A lot of people might have wondered how but decades later it is still on and happening. For a time we had thought we had seen the last of these celebrities endorsing cars they let’s face the facts know very little about but no one is blaming them even for half what they are getting  I would endorse a roller-skater with a straight face. I mean during the super bowl it’s all we saw I have nothing aganist this particular mode of advertisement but some of them are a bit tongue in cheek.

Let’s take a moment and go through some of the most famous of these endorsements and you be the judge of which of them hit close to home and which of them well makes you want to ask how much did he get for that? Let’s start with the fifties when Dinah Shore told us to “see the USA in a Chevrolet” according to industry records that went really well and as far as impressions go those who saw it still can remember it. Still in the 50’s Joie Chitwood of the “Thrill Show” was on contact with Chevrolet to use new Chevrolets in his show where stunt drivers would thrill millions with their out of this world stunts. Still being in an endorsement can still be the turning point.  John Reep obviously heaped on his stardom when he uttered “hey that thing got a hemi” .Ol Blue Eyes himself was not to be left behind when he appeared with Iacocca to endorse the Imperial brand in the 1980’s.

Eminem did a not so short three minute commercial promoting  Motor City Chrysler. Fellow rapper Snoop Dogg was himself in a very famous Chrysler golfing commercial with Lee Iacocca. Ricardo Montalban had his “Corinthian leather” Chrysler Cordoba in 1975.

Still soon after people had discovered how effective this means of selling cars was, “The adventures Of Superman” was the choice for Nash and Nash-Healy automobiles. All the stars had the drove around in these cool machines. In the television  game show “you bet your life” Groucho  Marx was in hand to sell the Desoto brand each and every week his game went live. Other tested celebrities who I would consider  when I want to sell my car include Sam Elliot who endorsed  Dodge Ram, the beautiful Kate Walsh for Cadillac, musician Justin Timberlake with Audi brand, Celine Dion for Chrysler, Tiger Woods did a Buick commercial, Richard Thomas for Mercedes Benz and many other celebrities who have participated in this marketing art.

So I guess it can be concluded  that celebrities are most likely going to continue endorsing various car brands the world over. Therefore if it is working do not fixing and moreover it’s always refreshing when it’s your favorite!