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Guide on How to Sell My Car and Retain the Plates

When one owns a car, there are a number of personal treasures that one should look into retaining and one of them is the number plates or personalized registration plates. In a number of areas the number plates of the car that one own are usually personalized to ones taste and in selling the car, one can lose their plates, but there is a way to conduct the sale of the car and still maintain the same plates. In most sell my car guides the issue of plates is not considered mostly because it is of sentimental value as opposed to financial value to the seller.

Once the transfer has been agreed upon, the department of motor vehicles (DMV) should be informed. There are different conditions that are placed by the DMV to help in the registration of vehicles and I different states and nations the laws are different. The transfer of ownership of the car should be done while sticking to the conditions of the DMV, in some cases the transfer of ownership of the cars can be done by just signing the title while in others it might be done by the use of a pink slip. Informing the DMV of the sale will help in trying to retrieve the personalized plates.

In a number of ways the DMV allows one to use the original plates when selling a car. The department in issuing the personalized plates usually asks the owner of the car to bring in the original registration of the car before issuing the personalized number plates, but the registration still belongs to the car. When making the sale sometimes a visit to the DMV will give one the go ahead to take off the personalized number plates and put on the original plates. In the sale the owner of the old car could legally ensure that the plates remain with them if they have the intention of buying another car.

For one to have the plates for themselves one must inform the DMV for it needs to take note of some details on the sale of the car. The department takes lots more than the papers to complete the transfer such as the mileage reading of the car. In addition with some cases the car could be subjected to a thorough check up before the ownership of the car is transferred to the new owner. It is important that the liability of the car be transferred in the case the car is involved in any legal concerns such as accident cases.

One should make sure that the sale is totally recorded by the DMV to make sure that one absolves all the liabilities associated with the car. Upon the department getting the paperwork from the sale of the car either from the seller or the buyer, all the charges from the department should be directed to the new owner.  Once one has received renewals or notifications on the vehicle that one no longer owns then one should take on the case with the DMV. The final step as with most sell my car guides is completing documentation with the DMV.