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Finding a Genuine Buyer When Selling My Car

As any previous car owner would agree, one of the worst things about trying to sell my car is dealing with people who come, kick the tyres a few times then leave having wasted half an hour of my time and I’m stuck still needing to sell my car, but no closer to actually being able to sell my car. When I make the decision to sell my car and get a new one, it’s important to start looking for a genuine buyer as soon as possible – especially considering the fact that it can often take several viewers before I am able to sell my car. In most cases I, like many other car owners, would not be able to buy a new car until I manage to sell my car I have at the time.

One technique I use when I sell my car is to answer the “car wanted” ads on online classified websites or in the relevant section in a local newspaper. This is a a generally overlooked way to sell my car because most people just advertise advertise their car and don’t think that they could benefit from being the ones to do the approaching. The key to this article is about finding genuine buyers to sell my car to and you can rest assured that if they are actively seeking and advertising to find people like me looking to sell my car, they are likely to be serious buyers. The sort of places that you will find these types of adds are generally the same sorts of places I would be attempting to sell my car. The downside is that this is a more time consuming way to sell my car, so if I am particularly busy for whatever reason I may choose to simply place the advertisement saying I wish to sell my car and let the buyers do the chasing!

An easier and potentially safer way of selling a car would to sell my car directly to a used car dealer rather than to sell my car to a private buyer. There are companies both large scale and smaller local dealers who would be interested in individuals such as myself who is hoping to sell my car and looking to do it quickly. The downside is that you may not get as much as you potentially could do for it as obviously the dealer needs to make a profit but if I was wanting to sell my car as soon as possible this can be a quick way to for me to do so. The other benefit is that if I was to sell my car to a dealer, it is likely that I could have the cash in my hand there and then. As long as the car is in decent working order (and in some cases even if it’s not!), I would be able to sell my car to the dealers and whilst not getting the best price, would be able to deal with it all in the space of just a few hours. I would also have the option to exchange or part-exchange for other cars the dealer has.