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Selling Cars Using Blue Book Values

A car is usually a lifetime investment that is why when we are selling or buying we put a lot of consideration on the price and think many time “how much shall i sell my car“. There is always a variation of price depending on where you are selling the used car.

A lot of factors go into play when establishing these prices that is the year the car was manufactured, the make of the car, mileage, general condition of the car and many more.

As individuals we may not know the real value of our cars and through the blue book we are able to estimate its value. In general Blue Book is a source of information of the automobile/vehicle industry uses. The prices here are used for a variety of functions

Determining selling price to a dealer

Helping establish the price value of the car when dealing with individual buyers

The blue book is usually not biased and is a guideline where information found in this data base has been gathered over the years from auctions, dealers, manufacturers of cars parts and individual sales. Historical trends, development of the car industry, season location and current economic factors also are used in determining these prices.

Other services offered by the blue book are extended free warrant quotes, comparison of cars; free record checks and a calculator for payment. All these information can also be accessed in the internet so sell my car could not be easier nowaday.

Use of the Kelly Blue Book

This is a source of information for the motor industry since 1993.There are two versions of this book that is online and the printed version. For the hard copy the cars are listed alphabetically by name of the manufactures then broken down again by model. From this you find

1.       An inflated manufacturers suggested retail price

2.       An invoice of the dealer

3.       Kelly Blue book value

4.       Equipment price

When you compare these prices as you sell your used car and it falls between the manufactures and dealers price then it is fair.

A good price is usually lower than the inflated manufacturers suggested retail price so keep bargaining until you meet a buyer that meets this.

The Kelly Blue \book for used cars gives you:

1.       The asking price of retailers

2.       Expected price if you sell it to a personal buyer

3.       Kelly’s blue book value for a trade in

The dealers’ overhead costs make their prices higher than that of selling to a personal buyer in the Kelly Blue Book of used cars.

Many factors affect the final price of your used car and are usually lower than the retail value in the blue book. It is easier to access all this information online and an added advantage is that they are updated weekly. Also you are able to get access to the used car dealers in your area by entering your zip code in the suggested box.